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Kufri is a lesser-known but very beautiful hill station near Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. It is approximately 8 hours away from Delhi by broad and was founded by the British in 1819 as a tourist destination. Since then, it has received less attention than the neighboring hill stations of Shimla and Chail but remains one of the best places to visit in the hills.

About Kufri

Kufri has located 13 Km from Shimla at an elevation of about 9000 feet. The name “Kufri” comes from the word “Lake” in the local language and it is a great destination for backpackers, couples, families, and large groups. It is slowly gaining popularity, especially as a hub for skiing.

Things to do in and around Kurfi

Kufri offers plenty of natural beauty and seclusion and is therefore apt for couples and writers. Here are some of the best things to places and places to see in and around Kufri:

1. Chail: Chail is less than an hour away from Kufri and has some formidable and popular options for tourists. These include the famous Chail Palace, the Chail Cricket Ground, the Kali Ka Tibba Temple, and a host of other tourist places that are well-maintained, clean, and well-managed.

2. Paragliding: You can also go Paragliding and Hand Gliding in a place called Bir Valley. Here, you can fly like a bird by attaching yourself to a parachute like device along with trained instructors. From high up in the sky, you can see  far into the distance and enjoy the scenic vies of the area.

3. Skiing: Kufri is famous for its skiing and in the winter, there are many easy, low-gradient slopes where beginners and advanced skiers can hone their skills. One can also go for Heli-skiing in Kufri, which is an exciting adventure sport where skiers are dropped onto slopes from helicopters.

4. Natural Beauty: There are many places to visit here that provide scenic views, interesting sights, and natural wonders that are fun to explore and discover. Ideally, one can spend the whole weekend checking out the ins and outs of this quaint mountain resort.

5. Himalayan Nature Park: Visitors can also visit the Himalayan Nature Park, a 90 hectares protected reserve with a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. Here, one can spot many interesting species of reptiles, mammals, amphibians, and birds or just enjoy the serene surroundings and fresh mountain air.

6. Kufri Fun World: This is an interesting and fun amusement park that has rides, food, and go-karting for adults and children. The Go-Kart Track in Kufri is advertised as the highest Go-Kart Track in the world and offers hours of fun and entertainment.

7. Mahasu Park: This is the highest point in Kufri and from here, one can see far into the distance and spot many famous mountains and mountain towns. One can go here to enjoy the sunset or sunrise or simply go for a trek and picnic with friends.

8. Shimla: Shimla is also about an hour away and has a lot of interesting places to see and things to do. However, over the years, Shimla has become disorganized, polluted, and overrun by tourists. The colonial charm is long gone and finding a good place to stay here is almost impossible.

Where to Stay in Kufri for the Weekend

Kufri is a relatively small place and finding a good weekend hotel near Kufri can be hard, especially at the last minute.  It is therefore preferable to find a hotel near Kufri like the many hotels in Chail. Chail is the best place to visit near Kufri and herein lies a great resort called the Tarika Resort and Spa, which offers a great experience for guests.

Tarika Resorts is a tried and tested property with a good location, great service, and amazing food. From here, one can travel to nearby locations easily and also get easy access to the many tourist places in and around Chail. If you are visiting Kufri, this is the ideal place for a convenient and fulfilling stay that is bound to make your trip a success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the best options available to stay near Kufri?

Ans. The best option for a stay near Kufri is the Tarika Resort and Spa in Chail. This resort is quite close to Kufri and offers an exceptional stay including great service, comfortable rooms, and interesting architecture.

Q.2 How can I spend my day in Kufri?

Ans. You can spend the day in Kufri skiing, visiting the Himalayan Nature Park, Mahasu Park, and Kufri Fun World, or simply enjoy the natural beauty and fresh air of this mountain resort town. You can also check out nearby Chail and Shimla.

Q.3 What are the best places to visit near Kufri?

Ans. There are many interesting places to visit near Kufri including the quaint and pretty township of Chail. In Chail, there are many monuments, landmarks, and parks that are well worth the visit.


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