Best Tourist Places to Visit in Noida with Friends and Family

Top Places to Explore in Noida for a Fun-Filled Trip

Searching for best tourist places to visit in Noida? While, there are a few intriguing and entertaining sites in Noida that you should check out if you have a free day or are thinking about going there. Here is a list of places that you must check out:


Best Tourist Places in Noida


Worlds of wonder water park:

Best Tourist Places in Noida

It is one of the another fascinating places to visit in Noida which is situated nearĀ Great India Palace Mall. The water park is one of the most fun places to go. The amusement park features 23 different activities that provide nonstop fun and excitement. You will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as paintball, vehicle racing, virtual reality games, roller coasters, go-karting, rides for elderly citizens and children in the La Fiesta zone, water dance floors, and more.

Okhla Bird sanctuary:

Places to Visit in Noida

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary was established in 1990 and is home to a total of 1,00,000 migratory bird species as well as 400 kinds of local birds. Do you like to look at different kinds of birds? Kids and individuals who enjoy bird-watching make up a large portion of the visitors to Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

Golf Course:

Tourist Places to Visit in Noida

If golf is something that interests you then pace yourself to put your golfing talents to the test at the Noida course. Having been there since the days of the British Raj, it served as a haven of relaxation for them and is now available to golfers. You may spend your evening in the restaurant, which also features a pool table.

Stupa 18 Gallery:

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Noida

Art galleries are not often thought of as being something that a city like Noida would be associated with; nonetheless, there is a wonderful gallery that you can visit. It is called the Stupa 18 Gallery. You may appreciate the work of a variety of current artists, and if you like an artist’s body of work, you can even buy a couple of the artist’s paintings. Walk around and take in the artwork while you’re here.

In addition to these, there are a lot of other attractions to visit, such as the Brahmaputra market, the Buddha International Circuit, the botanical park, the Rashtriya Dalit Sthal green garden, and so on. Some locations, like a bird sanctuary, offer a peaceful escape from the noise and activity of the surrounding area, while others, like water parks, are buzzing with activity that visitors may explore. For a comfortable stay during your visit, you can book a one of the best hotels in Noida. One of which is the amazing Tarika Hotel that offers one of its kind experience of hotel stay in their state of the art rooms with amazing room and exceptional service at your disposal.




Q1. How to spend the weekend in Noida?

Ans. There are a lot of fun things to do in Noida, which can be covered over the weekend. There are malls, parks, golf courses, cinemas, restaurants, bars and a Racing Circuit that can easily keep you entertained.


Q2. What are the top attractions to visit in Noida?

Ans. The top places to visit in Noida include: World of Wonder Water Park, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Noida Golf Course, Stupa 18 Galery, Mall of India etc.


Q3. What are the most popular things to do in Noida with children?

Ans. If you are in Noida with children, it is advisable to visit: World of Wonder Water Park, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Mall of India and the many parks and gardens that are in Noida.


Q4. What is Noida famous for?

Ans. Noida is a famous suburb of Delhi and is famous for its parks, gardens, malls and shopping arcades and Racing Circuit.

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