Famous Markets in Noida

Famous markets in Noida that you must visit during your next trip.


Noida is known for many things but now it has a new fame to claim. There are several markets in Noida that have been steadily growing in scope and size and have now suddenly become tourist attractions in their rights. If you find yourself in Noida, you must surely check out some of these vibrant and famous places to shop.

Where is Noida?

Noida, short for “New Okhla Industrial Development Area,” is a suburb of Delhi. Easily accessible via the Noida Expressway, it is one of the fastest-growing and most popular satellite towns that border Delhi. Although Noida is technically part of Uttar Pradesh, it is increasingly becoming an integral part of Delhi or NCR (National Capital Region).

Earlier, people used to go to Noida for work or while exiting the city but now, Noida has come into its own. It has many residential areas and societies along with many offices, factories, public places, hotels, and markets that one can visit.

What are some of the best markets in Noida?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most famous markets in Noida:


  1. Atta Market

Atta Market is centrally located in Sector 18 of Noida and is very convenient for most people to visit. The market may look disorganized and chaotic but the shops here keep a surprisingly large range of products are low prices.

In the Atta market, one can buy footwear, fashion accessories, mobile phones, musical instruments, jackets, and household items. It is a one-stop market where you can peruse, haggle and get what you want. In case you get hungry, many local food stalls sell flavorful street food too.


  1. Indira Market

Located in Sector 27, Noida, Indira market is one of the biggest and busiest markets in Noida. It is known for its many vegetable stalls that carry products that you will not get easily in other places.

Besides food and cookware, the market also offers some great traditional and modern fashion accessories like bangles, bindis, bracelets, jewelry, trinkets, and clothes. This is why ladies and homemakers come here to shop.


  1. Savitri Market

Located in Sector 18, Noida, Savitri market is the best place for electronic products. Whether you want to get your phone or appliance repaired or if you want to buy a new one, this market has you covered. It is a tech-geeks playground as all manner of electronics, computer accessories, parts and services are available here.


  1. Lal Market

Located in Sector 37 of Noida, Lal market is the best place for groceries and imported foodstuff. A little like the INA market in Delhi, Lal market has some small stalls as well as 5-6 big grocery stores where you can get all manner of packaged snacks and rare ingredients.

Customers can buy items like pasta, meat, seafood, condiments, imported biscuits, etc, and can also get some hot snacks after they are done shopping.


  1. Bhramaputra market

Located in Sector 29, Noida, this market is for foodies. In the evenings, this market is full of bachelors, students, and office workers who come here to gorge on the many types of street food that are available at its food stalls and roadside eateries. Whatever you are craving, you will find it here.

If you are wary of street food or looking for a fuller meal, there are several small restaurants here too. One can also buy books, stationery, and home office products in the many small shops that line the streets. It is the perfect place to visit in the evenings.


What is a good place to stay in Noida?

While there are many hotels in Noida, the best amongst them is Nio By Tarika. This is a small boutique hotel that is incredibly convenient whenever you need a place for a short or medium stay. It has a lively ambiance; helpful staff and great home-style food. It is also very well-connected and provides easy access to Noida’s many tourist spots and markets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Which is the main market in Noida?

Ans. The main market of Noida is the Indira market. It is a place to buy home appliances, household items, produce, and fashion accessories. The market is closed on Wednesday. Atta market is also one of the major markets in Noida.

Q2. What is famous in Noida to buy?

Ans. Footwear is one item that Noida is famous for. There are many shops and markets in Noida that specialize in providing a large selection of footwear at every price range.

Q3. What is Atta market famous for?

Ans. Atta market in Noida is famous for footwear. Here, you will get an amazing range of footwear of all shapes and sizes and also other similar items and fashion accessories.

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