Kali Ka Tibba Temple, Chail: History, Timings, Height, Stay & Trek

If you are interested in Temples or scenic views, you must visit the Kali Ka Tibba Temple in Chail. It is one of the best and most beautiful temples in the area and also provides some amazing views all around the mountains in the distance and the valleys below.

Many visitors to Chail make it a point to visit this place of worship because it is very well managed, very clean, has ample parking and possesses a very distinct and peaceful ambience. Visitors can offer prayers without any problems or obstacles and everyone who visits the place seems to enjoy it immensely.


History of Kali Ka TIbba


Kali Tibba Temple History is very interesting. It appears that there has always been a small structure at the top of this hill marking a place to worship the goddess Kali. Some say that the original structure was built in the 9th century AD by the then-king of Himachal because the goddess Kali came to him in a dream and decreed he build it.

According to another story, the temple was created or enhanced by the 19th-century King of Patiala, who planned, designed and funded it in secret to avoid controversy and friction between different groups of religious devotees and sects.

Back then, this was called the Sidh Temple and over time, it developed into a popular place of worship. It also became one of the 51 Shakti Peeth Holy Sites for Hindus dedicated to the Goddess Shakti. However, there were some problems as the site lies within the protected part of Chail Wildlife Sanctuary.

A priest or pujari of the Old Kali Ka Tibba Temple (or Sidh Temple) named Shanbhu Bharti helped develop the site, regularize it and create the new structure that stands there now. This included building a wall, a steep road to help people reach the temple and a pond or plunge pool where devotees can take a dip.

Thanks to pujari Shambhu Bharti, thousands of tourists and devotees visit the temple every year and the site has gained enormous popularity. Its adaptive design and impeccable management have also won praise and international acclaim.


Getting There


It is quite easy to reach the Kali Ka Tibba Temple. A road goes up to the hill where the temple is located and there is ample parking available for all. From here, one has to trek for about a kilometer and a half to reach the temple. This can be tricky for some but is quite easy and there are guides available.

The Kali Ka Tibba height is about 7500 Ft. making the spot one of the highest points in Chail, which is at a higher altitude than Shimla. This is why the views from this spot are so mesmerizing and why one can see Shimla and several other places from here.

The temple is completely free for visitors and has several facilities such as washrooms, parking, shops and drinking water. The Kali Ka Tibba tare 8 am to 6 pm every day but it is best to visit it in the morning or evening to watch the sunset or sunrise from this spot.

When the weather is clear, one can see a great distance from this spot. Even when the Kali Ka Tibba weather is cloudy, it is a great experience as clouds waft through the temple and the fog creates interesting landscapes and a dreamy and surreal mood.


Where to Stay in Chail


If you are visiting the area and looking for a resort in Chail, look no further than Tarika Resort & Spa in Chail.

This is an alluring and immersive resort that has interesting architecture. It offers domed cottages, interconnected family cottages and deluxe rooms for a comfortable stay and great views of the valley.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. When is Kali Ka Tibba open?

Ans. The Kali Ka Tibba Temple is open from 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday. It is closed on Sundays.

Q2. What hotels are near Kali Ka Tibba?

Ans. The Tarika Hotel and Resort in Chail is close to the Kali Ka Tibba Temple. It is only about 5 minutes away and provides comfortable rooms, tasty food and great service.

Q3. How to reach Kali Ka Tibba?

Ans. It is very easy to reach the Kali Ka Tibba Temple. You have to drive up to the hill, park in the parking lot and take a small trek of about a kilometer and a half up to the temple.

Q4. What is the distance from Solan to Kali Ka Tibba?

Ans. The Kali Ka Tibba Temple is about 45 Km away from Solan and also 45 Km away from Shimla.


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