Rejuvenate in Luxury: Blissful Spa Resorts near Delhi

Being well is not just the absence of pain. Ideally, you should feel joyous, happy and enthused with vivacity all the time. This is the ancient Indian Ayurvedic concept of “Ananda” or a state of blissful existence where every sensation is pleasurable and you are always feeling your best. If you are not feeling that way, perhaps it is time to replenish, rejuvenate and relax at the best luxury Spa Resorts near Delhi.

It is no secret that modern day lifestyles relegate wellness to the backburner. We are all guilty of sacrificing our short-term and long-term health and wellness for temporary goals. To counter this problem, it is important to take periodic breaks and pamper yourself at health resorts and spas, if only for a day or two.


What are Spa Resorts?

Spa resorts are resorts that have an in-house spa and specialize in providing spa and beauty treatments like massage, reflexology, hair treatments etc. You can stay overnight at these resorts and engage in spa packages that last for several days. This is much more convenient and conducive to wellness than getting the treatments done in the city, amid interruptions and preoccupations.

Spa Resorts are designed and run in a way that enhances wellness. An environment is created where patients can relax and not be bothered by the hassles of daily life and instead, focus on themselves. The ambience is often times very quiet with soothing music, fresh healthy food and comfortable rooms as part of the package.

These resorts are especially helpful if you need treatments that last several days. For example, pre-bridal and bridal treatments can take several days and it is best to spend this time away from the city so you can focus on the demands of your special day. This allows sufficient time for physical treatments but also improves the mental state and mood.

Treatments for pain or for recovery can also last for many days. Since naturopathy and Ayurveda are slower than allopathic treatments and can take several sessions, it is best to stay over at the resort. This allows you to control the factors that may be impacting your wellness and also allows therapists to administer cures and monitor results.


What are the treatments available at Spa Resorts?

There are many types of treatments that one can get at a Spa Resort. Depending on one’s needs and preferences, one can focus on general treatments or treatments specific to a problem or symptom. Usually, one starts with a massage, steam or sauna.

There are many types of massages that one can get. Generally, they fall into 2 main categories. There are Ayurveda Massages that use Ayurveda oil and follow the ancient Indian tradition or international massages like Swedish, Thai, Balinese or Sports Massages. Depending on your needs, you can go in for one or more of these treatments.

For advanced Spa Visitors, there are also specific plans that target a specific problem. For example, one can get reflexology that targets a specific part of the body that is malfunctioning and targets muscles, nerves and joints that have been hurt.

One can also get specialized oils that replenish malnutrition wherever it occurs. Ayurveda has perfected many different oils and ointments made of natural substances that are known to benefit the hair, skin, eyes, joints, nails other parts of the human body. If you are not sure of what you need, it is best to consult with your therapist or with an Ayurveda Doctor.


What is a good Spa resort near Delhi?

One of the best Spa Resorts near Delhi is the Tarika Resort and Spa in Chail.  This is an interesting resort with an innovative architecture and one of the best Spas in the area. Here, you will find specialized treatments and professional therapists who can work wonders.

The Spa at Tarika offers the most authentic treatments as well as the latest in wellness techniques and technologies. They offer Ayurveda treatments but also offer a broad range of international treatments, grooming services and beauty treatments. For specific problems, they have well-developed packages that fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Besides their Spa, Tarika Resort also has a host of other activities in and around the resort. To ensure that you are not bored, the resort has several games, activities and excursions for its guests. Spending time at the resort is a pleasure but one can also venture outside to Chail for a host of interesting activities and tourist spots.

Overall, Chail in general and Tarika Resorts in particular are perfect for a rejuvenating weekend in the hills. If you are feeling less than perfect and want to enhance your overall wellness, the cool, fresh air of Chail and the professional treatments at the Spa will surely change your outlook and leave you feeling ecstatic and satiated.



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