What is Chail Famous for? Here are 6 Places to Visit in Chail That you Must Visit

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Chail

Searching for places to visit in Chail, Himachal? While, your search ends here. Chail is known for its lush green forests and nature, which make it an extremely serene and perfect holiday destination.  It  is one of the destinations that is still comparatively less visited but offers a lot to its visitors.


Things to do in Chail


Here are 6 Tourist Places to Visit in Chail.

1. Visit the Kali Temple

As Indians, we love to visit religious places, and such places in hilly areas always feel
different. The Kali Temple is a popular tourist spot that offers breathtaking views, which you
can boast about on your social media. It is also a very good spot for trekking lovers.

2. Go to the Himalayan Nature Park

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Chail is popular for its greenery and
beautiful nature. The Himalayan Nature Park was established in 1992 and is spread across
90 hectares. You can spot animals like brown bears, yaks, Tibetan wolves, and even a snow
leopard if you’re lucky.

3. Try local cuisine

One of the best things about hill stations in India is the new culture of cafes and coffee
shops. And of course, Chail is not behind in the same; however, Chail offers dining spaces
that offer authentic Himachali food. For authentic Himachali cuisine, visit local restaurants or
cafes in Chail.

4. World’s Highest Cricket Ground ( Taken by Chail Military)

Chail offers another treat for cricket enthusiasts: the Chail cricket ground, which was
established in 1893 by Bhupinder Singh Maharaja. The best part about the cricket ground is
that it is the world’s highest cricket ground, situated at a height of 2444 metres above sea

5. Sadhupul Lake

This is one of those offbeat destinations in Chail. Of course, it has a calming and relaxing
side to it that awaits every traveller’s presence. The cool breeze, the fresh air, and the sound
of water flowing makes the place magical. Wooden tables are spread across the lake for you
to sit at and simply relax.

6. Local shopping in Chail

When in Chail, you can visit the local markets and find fresh fruits and vegetables there. Not
just this, you can even find woollen garments, artefacts, and much more. You can buy
Kinnauri mufflers, scarves, and the famous Himachali caps. One can also find stone-studded
and metal jewellery here.


tourist attraction in chail


Hotel to stay in Chail

Tarika Resort and Spa

From the comfort of the opulent yet rustic cottages, take in the grandeur of these unspoiled
sylvan surrounds and the starry night sky. As you enjoy Tarika Resort Chail’s – one of the best hotels in Chail with tranquility and nature.

Make sure you pay a visit to all the above-mentioned destinations to make your stay even
more divine and beautiful.

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