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hail draws a distinct crowd. Unlike its bigger cousin Shimla, Chail gets a distinguished and discerning following that prefers peace and tranquility over the standard tourist activities that are found on every Mall Road of every Hill Station. Thus, this gentry is also more demanding when it comes to accommodations and is looking for hotels in Chail or resorts in Chail that are as exquisite as the destination. Lets take a look at what makes Chail so special and places to stay in Chail when you visit.

About Chail

Chail also known as new queen of hils, is located on the first elevated valley when we approach the Himalayas from the great plains of India. Its high elevation of over 2000 meters provides a great view of the valley below while its proximity to the first gigantic mountains of the Himalayas gives it an incredible mountain view. The site seems ideally selected, perhaps because it is.

Chail- New queen of hills

The site upon which Chail has been carefully and lavishly built was hand picked by the Maharaja of Patiala for his summer capital. It was planned as a royal enclosure and a scenic retreat to the mountains at the first hint of summer. Today, the Maharaja is no more but his summer retreat is available to those who know the way.

The drive to Chail is relatively simple until the last leg. Only 3 hours from Chandigarh, it is the perfect road trip for any season. In the summer one can see many interesting sights along the way and stop at many fine eateries and beauty spots while in the winters, the fresh mountain air hits you like a refreshing tonic and there is always a good chance of snow.

The last leg of the journey from Kufri to Chail lasts a little less than an hour and is the most fun. The road becomes narrow and winding as you begin to get that Himalayan feeling for the first time. It is best to take your time during this stretch and enjoy the approach, as there is a lot to see on these roads as you climb up steeply.

Places to Stay in Chail

Since Chail is located atop an elevated valley next to tall mountains, it experiences a good amount of snowfall. In the winters, it is often covered with a soothing and beautiful blanket of white snow that, along with the colonial era buildings that are still standing, give it a London like feel. The narrow and winding by-lanes at the end of town are very reminiscent of British back alleys.

The monsoons are also a pleasure in Chail as a heavy cloud of mist hangs in the air. It rains frequently and humidity is high but the lush grounds and landscapes seem even brighter and fresher than usual. Caution is advised while visiting Chail in the monsoon as floods and landslides can occur. The grassy slopes are also very slippery and one must tread with care.

Overall, Chail is a pleasure to visit in any season and is especially enjoyable if you have a comfortable and happy place to stay. While there are many hotels in town, it is not recommended to stay in the busy part of Chail. If you visit this beautiful valley, it is best to stay in the lap of nature away from the chaos and pollution of city life.

Where to stay in Chail

Ideally, one should stay away from the town but close enough to visit in case you need anything. Only local traders and workers live in town while most of the tourists, retirees and settlers prefer to live in the surrounding areas. There are some beautiful houses located around the rolling hills and mountain slopes of Chail that you can see at varying distances.

Best Places to Stay in Chail

Chail has lush green forests as well as spectacular views. There is a good resort called Tarika Resort and Spa, which is considered to be one of the best places to stay in Chail.

Tarika Resort and Spa offers Domed Cottages and other interesting accommodations for guests at their 7-acre property and also boasts of the best food in the greater Chail. They also offer some amazing discounts and package deals that are worth looking into. Staying at the right place will ensure that you have a peaceful and serene time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which are the Best Places to Stay in Chail?

Ans. Kandaghat is a good place stay near Chail. It is a little before Chail and has lush green forests as well as spectacular views. From here, you can visit Chail and see the sights there easily while staying in the lap of nature. In Kandahat, there is a  good resort called Tarika Resort and Spa which is considered to be one of the best places to stay in Chail.


Q2. How to Book Hotels in Chail?

Ans. The best way to book hotels in Chail is to research on the internet and book directly with the property. Many hotels and resorts offer special discounts and package deals on their website which may be worth looking into. One good resort in the area is Tarika Resort and Spa. They offer Domed Cottages and other interesting accommodations for guests.

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