Himalayan Hideaway: Discover Luxurious Resort Near Shimla

Shimla is the biggest and most popular hill station in India. It was also the first major hill station that the British made, and it has come to define the quintessential hill experience that the people of India love so much. Not only is it the capital of Himachal Pradesh, but it was once the summer capital of the entire nation under British rule. It remains a major city with important government and private buildings and offices.

Resorts in Chail

If you are considering traveling to Shimla, it is advisable not to stay inside the city limits, as it can be congested and polluted, especially during the night. Instead, you should aim to stay an hour or so away to experience the natural beauty, fresh air, and stunning views that have made this region so famous and beloved in the first place.

The beauty of Shimla is not restricted to its urban sprawl and is in fact spread over the entire valley. From Chail in the south, Kufri to the east, and Mashobra to the north, there are many towns, hamlets, villages, and scenic spots that are worth exploring. In this blog, we will examine some places near Shimla and shortlist a good resort for a comfortable stay in this region.

Places to visit around Shimla

There are plenty of things to do around Shimla that are well worth the drive. If you are visiting Shimla and have your own car, you must take time out to drive around and check out tourist attractions in the vicinity. Here is a list of places within driving distance from Shimla that you must visit:

Kufri: Located only about 20 km away from Shimla, Kufri is a beautiful hill station with interesting monuments, a well-maintained zoo, and a mall road called “Kufri Avenue” that has many interesting shops and boutiques. If you travel to Shimla, you must check out this quaint and idiosyncratic town that offers ski slopes and other interesting activities and attractions for visitors.

Kandaghat: Located about 30 km south of Shimla, Kandaghat is a small but important stopping point on the main Highway 22 that goes to Shimla. Its convenient location makes it an ideal stopping point on the way for a meal and a quick look around. If you have the time, you must visit the ancient Karol Temple, which is said to have been built by the Pandavas during their exile.

Solan: Located about 45 km south of Shimla, Solan is an ancient town that was once the capital of the Kingdom of Baghat. There are many temples and monasteries here including the famous and beautiful Yundung Monastery that was built in 1969 and is home to over 200 monks. The monastery is a great example of Tibetan fine art and the ideal place to learn about Tibetan culture.

Mashobra: Located only 10 kms. Northeast of Shimla, Mashobra is an idyllic spot that was once favored by senior British officers of the Raj including Lord Mountbatten. Today, the town is a Presidential retreat and has several interesting monuments worth checking out including Wildflower Hall, which has now been converted into a heritage hotel.

Chail: Perhaps the most beautiful and uncluttered of all the places in the area, Chail has an interesting history. It was made by the Maharaja of Patiala to spite the British and their summer capital Shimla and has since become an offbeat destination ideal for connoisseurs and explorers. It is eerily similar to Shimla but has interesting architecture that is a mix of Indian and European styles and motifs. Chail is also much smaller and very attractive to those who want a quiet and peaceful stay in Himachal Pradesh.

Resorts in Chail


Where to stay

The Tarika Resort and Spa in Chail is fast becoming one of those iconic properties that one should visit at least once if only to be part of the conversation and to participate in a shared experience. The resort has a distinct architecture that includes contemporary lines and “glass Cottages.” These are cottages with a clear glass front that allows residents to get crystal-clear panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

Over the years, the Tarika Resort has become an easily recognizable and cherished property in Chail that is very popular with discerning travelers from all over the country. Surrounded by the lush green forests of Chail and within easy distance of all the tourist attractions in the area such as the Chail Palace, the Chail Cricket Ground, and the Tibetan Flea Market, the resort is a must-visit place for nature lovers.

By making the Tarika Resort and Spa your base, you can drive around this interesting area at will and explore all the different towns and villages around Shimla. In Chail, you are bound to have a peaceful stay close to nature as lush green forests surround the area.

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