Valentine’s Day Getaways Near Delhi

It’s that time of the year again! The most popular holiday for those in love is fast approaching and most couples are scrambling to figure out what they will do to celebrate their love this Valentine’s Day or V Day.

While some may not believe in celebrating their love in this way or commemorating this day at all, their better halves may be looking forward to it and this is reason enough to go all out and do whatever is required for a smooth relationship ahead.

Resort in Himachal Pradesh

Eons ago, a simple box of heart-shaped chocolates, perhaps complimented by a bottle of perfume with a suggestive name was enough but nowadays, a veritable arms race of Valentine’s Day celebrations has upped the ante and elevated the stakes.

Nowadays, the most fashionable thing to do for couples is to go on a weekend getaway or a mini-vacation (or staycation) to get some privacy and check out of their daily grind at a secluded spot so love can bloom.

A getaway at the right resort provides ample opportunity to kindle or rekindle the romance that was once all-consuming but is now a burnt ember of its former self. A secluded time together pours calming waters on the tumultuous relationship and fires up the ones in danger of becoming boring and generic.

Where to go?

There is any number of weekend destinations around Delhi that are sufficiently far away to be exotic but close enough to ensure that the trip does not become a burden. Some of the best vacation spots for couples are located in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The beautiful surroundings and a chilly, cold climate are a panacea for relationship problems and an aphrodisiac for those wanting to take things to the next level. Additionally, the cool, clear air and the warmth of a fireplace can do wonders for couples.

One such destination is Chail, next to Shimla. This is a perfect destination for couples because it has all the advantages of a good hill station without any of the congestion, traffic, and pollution.

Unlike many other hill stations, Chail is quaint and charming. It is a quiet place with a rich history and plenty of virgin natural beauty that provides the perfect backdrop for love stories to unfold. If one happens to venture out of the room, there are some nice historic monuments and picnic spots that will hit the spot.

What to do?

Time slows down in Chail and when one is on a romantic Valentine’s Day trip, it comes to a virtual standstill. This is the perfect environment to spend time with your better half and take slow walks around the green trails and pathways to get lost in the scenery.

If one is so inclined, one can visit the Chail Palace built by the Maharaja of Patiala for his summer home. The monument is interesting, and tasteful and draws on the time-tested architectural style of British India intermingled with Indian motifs.

For the wild at heart and the adventurous by nature, several adventure activities will surely get the heart racing. Couples can go to Wildlife Safari or try rock climbing, trekking, zip lining, paragliding, river rafting, and camping.

If things go exceedingly well, there are several famous temples and Gurudwaras in Chail where one can take one’s partner for a solemn shared moment. The Kali Ka Tibba Temple and the Chail Gurudwara are especially worth visiting.

Where to Stay?

One perfect resorts in Chail for couples is the Tarika Resort and Spa. It is a nice bend of modern architecture and amenities combined with old-world charm and warm hospitality.  Nice? Some better wordings can be placed here.

The resort is well known for its Spa, which provides rejuvenating massage and other treatments that are sure to impress your partner and soothe any turbulence that may have cropped up in the past.

Overall, Tarika Resort is very couple friendly and is the ideal location where couples can spend some quality time together. Hope you have a great time and a very Happy V Day in advance!

valentine day near delhi

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