New Year Celebration Venue in Chail, Himachal near Delhi

Tips to enjoy the New Year Celebration Venue in Chail, Himachal for a memorable experience

If you are looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a fun and memorable New Year’s Eve with family and close friends, a resort in Chail may be the answer.

new year celebration venue in chail


Chail is a fascinating place that is sure to please even the most ardent traveler but if you are looking to spend New Year 2024 in Chail, you should get some background information about the place to get the most out of your trip.

About Chail

First of all, one has to understand that Chail is about 7000 ft. above ground level. It is heavily forested and surrounded by lush greenery inhabited by a lively ecosystem of wild animals, beautiful birds and all manner of flora and fauna.

Resorts in Chail

Chail is just 45 Kms from Shimla and much less polluted and commercialized. It was chosen by the Maharaja of Patiala as his summer retreat for good reason and is dotted with British era structures that are architectural marvels in their own right.

Besides these touristic facts, it should be said that Chail has a certain mood and atmosphere due to its relatively untouched environment and geographic qualities. It is hard to define, but there is a certain magical vibe about the place, especially at night, that all visitors can feel and never fully forget.

New Year in Chail

A New Year in Chail promises to be the perfect blend of blissful natural beauty and exciting festivities. The aura of Chail speaks of renewal, introspection, celebration and awe-inspiring scenic beauty. It is the go-to place for intimate celebrations or for a larger New Year Party in Chail at one of its more fashionable resort hotels.

The best way to spend your New Year’s Eve in Chail is to check into a suitable resort for 2-3 days with a partner or with a group of family members or friends. One can spend the first day taking in the aura of Chail before partying at the hotel on the 31st night and then relaxing at the spa. At the end, before leaving, one can even see some of the well-known spots and tourist attractions.

Hotels and Resorts in Chail

Resorts Near delhi for a Tranquil Escape

For our money, Tarika Resort and Spa is easily the best resort in Chail for New Year. It is an opulent property spread over 7 acres and offers some of the best scenery and views in the area.  Additionally, it has a fascinating architecture with futuristic domed cottages, luxury rooms and interesting suites. This year, for a spectacular New Year in Chail, Tarika Resort and Spa is offering a great, all-inclusive package that includes the stay, all meals and a New Years Eve Party that is sure to impress with ample opportunity for breathtaking photographs and memories.

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