Reboot and Rejuvenate at Unique Nature Resort in the Himalayas

The Himalayan Mountain range is one of the largest and highest in the world. Stretching from Northern India to Central Asia, it is a magnificent and spectacular natural formation that has be seen to be believed. Not only is it the defining feature of the subcontinent, it also offers many a sanctuary for the weary traveller within its curvaceous folds.

As the plains of north India run into the southernmost Himalayan ranges, beautiful valleys take shape to form ideal petri dish repositories where lush jungles and rich wildlife flourish with abandon. Protected and perched well above the ground level, these places are the ideal retreat in the mountain when one can go to recharge the batteries and reinvigorate the soul.

Traditionally, the Himalaya journey signifies a seasonal rejuvenation, meditation, soulful solitude and overall renewal of the life force for many people, who made these journeys regularly. The pure air, pure water, silence, shelter and grounding provided by the mountains is understood to be healing and helpful, especially during transitions.

Today, these natural forces are as powerful as ever and the need for rejuvenation has never been higher or more pressing. Luckily, we have cars and other forms of transportation that makes the journey much quicker and easier. Also, instead of scavenging for accommodations, we have luxury retreats and wellness spas in the mountains that are amazing experiences in themselves.

Where to go for Himalayan Rejuvenation?

Before reaching the interiors of the Himalayas, the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges make a picturesque valley called Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. This is a nice place for a retreat because of its abundant natural beauty, serene surroundings and many attractions and activities. While some areas are a little too developed, there are several gems here that are waiting to be discovered.

One such gem is Chail, a quaint and quiet hamlet that offers the perfect mountainside refuge away from the commercial and touristy part of Chamba Valley. Here, one can spend a peaceful and reinvigorating time and also explore the area from this makeshift base. The unique geography of Chail ensures sufficient precipitation for a bursting ecosystem and fruit orchards for extra incentive.

A steady stream of tourists and a bustling local market of farm products ensures that one can get some truly succulent fruit and fruit products in this natural wonderland. One odd product from these areas in the flower wine, made from flowers that grow in the valley. With a sweet taste and nuanced bouquet, this wine is slowly becoming famous all over the world as a novel approach to winemaking.

The valley also has many places worth visiting. Since it has been inhabited as long back as at least the second century and is on several important mountain routes, there are some interesting ancient temples and historical places that are located here. A local guide can show you most of the popular places and also some obscure ones that are worth checking out.

Besides temples, the area is also known for adventure sports. There are several well defined hiking routes that cut through the valley and multiple areas where one can go boating, zip lining, paragliding and mountain climbing. Nearby Khajjiar Lake is one such hub that offers plenty off opportunity for adventure sports and is definitely worth visiting.

Where to stay in Chail?

 One of the best and most unique nature resorts in Chail, Himalaya is called the Tarika Resort and Spa. This resort offers the opportunity to stay in glass domed cottages that allow an uninterrupted and panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings. These unique domiciles come with one or two bedrooms along with a plush living area.

The Tarika Resort is also known for its excellent Spa that offers authentic Ayurveda Treatments and Packages. With Luxurious massages, scrubs, rubs and cleanses, it is highly regarded for its in depth knowledge and exemplary therapists. Guests can get Spa and Salon Treatments done here while enjoying the breathtaking views.

Chail in the winters also offers a number of snow sports such as skiing, sleighing and snow-walking. Surprisingly, there are are a lot of tourists here in the winter as many come to see the snowfall and the white layer that forms over the town in the snow season. Whatever season you decide to visit and whatever your predilection, a rejuvenating trip to Chail is what we all need.


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