Glass Igloo Resort in India : A Once in a Lifetime Experience

The best part of travelling to the hills is the view. With majestic snow-clad peaks, deep valleys and lush green mountainsides, the view from most hill stations is to die for. Simply gazing upon the spectacular show that nature puts on for us everyday can have a calming and deeply healing effect on our psyche. Now you can enjoy the view throughout the day with special “Glass Igloo Resorts.” Here’s how:

“Glass Igloos” are specially made hotels with transparent walls to allow guests to soak in the beautiful vistas from the resort property in the comfort and warmth of their hated accommodations. The glass is made from a special material that is extremely strong and offers the same protection as brick and mortar walls.

Although the concept of Glass Igloos has not fully arrived in India, there are some resorts where you can experience this latest trend in the Hospitality Industry. Usually reserved for Mountain resorts and Jungle Safari Retreats, these unique domiciles provide a special experience and unique sensation of being immersed in nature with all the protection and comfort of being indoors.

What are Glass Igloos?

Glass Igloos are cottages or small buildings where one or more side is completely made of transparent glass. While this may sound simple and straightforward, the architecture and manufacturing technology used to make these structures are extremely advanced and cutting edge. When done right, the effect is truly mesmerizing.

In most cases, the glass structure is specially designed and molded to allow total protection from snow, wind, rain, hail, changes in temperature, wild animals and trespassers. They are also intelligently designed to provide maximum privacy for the guests as well as great views all the way up to the horizon.

Typically, these glass accommodations are made at a height to enable the best vistas while their unique construction ensures that heating and cooling systems work perfectly. Since the glass is layered, reinforced and toughened, there s little to no chance of it cracking or breaking.

Advantages of Glass Igloos

The main advantage of glass igloos is the uninterrupted and crystal clear view that they provide get. This is especially helpful for birdwatchers, wildlife watchers, photographers, nature lovers and stargazers. Instead of skulking around in inclement weather, vulnerable to mosquitoes and subject to the whims of nature, guests can sit peacefully in their living room or “Observation Room” and get a ringside seat to the many splendors of the natural world.

Besides nature, guest can also see what is happening around their cottage. They can see people approaching their cottage, young ones playing outside, people congregating for special events and also watch shows organized by the resort. This gives guests a feeling of extreme openness and freedom unlike anything else they have seen or felt before.

Where can we stay in a Glass Igloo?

One of the best and most comfortable places to enjoy the phenomenon of Glass Igloos is the Tarika Resort and Spa in Chail. This is a charming and ideally located resort that affords some amazing views of the legendary natural beauty of Chail, near Shimla.

Guests staying at the Tarika Resort have the option of booking regular cottages or Glass Igloos or Glass Domed Cottages that come with infinite and uninterrupted views of the nearby areas. Since the property overlooks the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, there is plenty for guests to see and observe.

Chail is also a great place for stargazing. It clear skies, high altitude and low pollution makes it one of the best places in India to observe distant galaxies, faraway constellations and heavenly bodies. From the comfort of the cozy and luxurious cottages at the Tarika Resort, guests can learn more abut astronomy with the naked eye, a basic telescope or a powerful pair of binoculars.

The Tarika Resort also has Glass Igloo accommodations with multiple bedrooms, which can be booked by large families or big groups for a truly spectacular and memorable vacation in the middle of nature. With a common living area and separate entrances, they are ideal for creating the perfect balance between privacy and communal living.

Widely known to be the best Glass Igloo Resort in India, the Tarika Resort also has an excellent Spa that offers traditional Ayurveda and international treatments for balance and wellness. They also organize treks and trips to nearby locations, making it one of the most immersive and engaging nature retreats in the country.




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