Hotels near Noida Golf Course

Noida is a beautiful suburb of Delhi that offers a lot of interesting activities for visitors including some great golf courses. The Noida Golf Course is one of the biggest and best places to play golf here but there are several other places where you can enjoy the great game. For easy access, it is best to stay near the course when you come to Noida, so let’s take a look at where you should stay for the best golfing experience.

Noida is located on the other side of the Yamuna River and covers a large area. The suburb is located in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh and stretches from the border with Delhi to Greater Noida, a recently developed extension of the suburb. The best and most developed parts of Noida are the neighborhoods closest to the border and this is where you should stay for easy access to all of Noida’s best tourist attractions including the Noida Gold Course.

Golfing in Noida

Golf has been steadily gaining in popularity in India since the 1980s and Noida has emerged as a major golf destination. Its open spaces and green surroundings make it the perfect setting for Delhiites and residents of other suburbs to come here for a game of golf or to practice their long game at driving ranges. While there are many good golf courses and ranges in Noida, there are three main courses that every golfer should visit.

Noida Gold Course: Established in 1989 by the Noida Authority, this is Noida’s main Golf Course and the reason why Noida has developed as a golf community. The course is spread out over 97 acres and is a championship level 18-hole course that is suitable for professionals and amateurs alike. Besides golf, the complex also has other activities including a Swimming Pool, Cards Room, Restaurant, Bar, Library, Billiards Room and party Hall.

Jaypee Greens Golf Course: This golf course is famous because it was designed by golf legend Greg Norman. The course is built over 45 hectares and also has 18 holes along with many water bodies and interesting obstacles like bunkers and sand traps. This course is very popular with amateurs and students as there are many classes and seminars held here for the avid golfer.

Golfing in Noida

Unitech Group Golf Course: Designed by Phil Ryan, this is a smaller 9 hole course that is very well developed and offers an upmarket, exclusive experience for golfers. It is well known for its stylish design, luxurious clubhouse and impeccable service and along with many bunkers and grassy patches to make the game interesting.

Were to stay

If you are coming to Noida and are interested in playing golf, it is important to stay close to the greens. The best place to stay in Noida is Sector 1, which is close to the Delhi border and also close to the main metro stations and roadways in Noida. This is a nice place to stay as the neighborhood is very well organized and close to the major malls and markets in the area while providing easy access to all three major courses.

Hotels near Noida Golf Course

One great hotel near Noida Golf Course is Nio by Tarika, a fashionable business hotel that offers world-class comfort and amenities for travellers coming to Noida. The hotel has modern, well-fitted rooms, a great restaurant, ample parking, free wifi and a friendly staff that will help you with everything you need. For a great golf experience in Noida, Nio by Tarika is par for the course.





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