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Mayur Vihar is a famous locality in Delhi situated on the Delhi-Noida Border on the banks of the Yamuna River. It is famous for its upmarket housing projects and exemplary infrastructure. Due to its location, it is easily accessible from Delhi and Noida and acts as a bridge between the two. It is a great place to live and to visit for shopping, sightseeing and dining.

Mayur Vihar gets its name from Peacocks that have historically thrived in this area. “Mayur” means “Peacocks” and “Vihar” means “dwelling.” Even today, it is not uncommon for residents to see Peacocks roaming about and dancing in the rain. There is a small sanctuary here that aims to protect these magnificent birds and one can see Peacock themed designs on buildings.

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If you are visiting Delhi, Mayur Vihar is a great place to put up. It is a lively and densely populated place that has all the conveniences that are available in metropolitan cities along with a culture of entertainment, partying and public events. Festivals and holidays are celebrated here with great pomp and style and it is considered a great place for children.

If you are looking for Hotels near Mayur Vihar, one of the best places to stay here is the Nio by Tarika Hotel run by the Tarika Group of Hotels. This hotel is technically located on the Noida side but is adjacent to Mayur Vihar, giving you easy access to all the facilities there during the day and at night.


Things to do in Mayur Vihar

Mayur Vihar is located in East Delhi. This is a vibrant, young and exciting part of Delhi that houses such famous attractions as Akshardham Temple, the Yamuna Sports Complex, the Gandhi Nagar Market, Sanjay Lake, Every Other Day (EOD) Adventure Park, Laxmi Nagar Market and much more.

Depending on your interests and the time available, you can visit many interesting places in Mayur Vihar and the larger East Delhi area. The best way to discover East Delhi is to start early in the morning and spend the whole day perusing the local shops, eateries and attractions. If you are looking for larger and more recognizable destinations, here are 3 of the most popular places that you must visit:


  1. Every Other Day (EOD) Adventure Park: Located in Mayur Vihar, EOD is a large adventure and amusement park that offers may activities for children and adults alike. The Park offers Archery, Boating, Bowling, Rides, Games, Restaurants and other fun things to do. If you are in Mayur Vihar, you should definitely check it out.

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  1. Akshardham Temple: One of the largest and most famous temples in India, the Akshardham complex was opened to the public in November of 2005. Since then, it is visited by thousands of people everyday and features open lawns, water bodies, murals, courtyards and majestic architecture.

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  1. Acharya Niketan Market: At this large and vibrant market in Mayur Vihar, you can get mostly everything you need here at very reasonable prices. From travel gear to stylish Kurtis, Footwear, Trinkets, Kitchenware, paintings and more, this market is worth visiting just for the ambience and street food. If you are staying near Mayur Vihar and need something, this is the place to go to.

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Where to stay in Mayur Vihar

The best place to stay near Mayur Vihar is Sector 1 of Noida. This sector lies near the border between Noida and Mayur Vihar and has the best connectivity to Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and East Delhi. By staying in Sector 1, you can access everything very easily and also be comfortable in an environment that is green, clean and comfortable.

One of the best hotels in Sector 1, Noida is Nio by Tarika. This is a fashionable and stylish hotel that has an in-house restaurant, a great business center and venues for meetings, conferences and events. It is ideally located in a posh area that is surrounded by trees and greenery.

The rooms at the Nio by Tarika are modern, well equipped and luxurious. The hotel has an extensive in–room dining menu and also offers great deals and packages that are worth checking out. All things considered, if you are coming to Delhi and looking for a good place to stay near Mayur Vihar, this is the best hotel for you.

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