Hotel near Botanical Garden Metro Station

The Botanical Garden Metro Station has emerged as an important landmark in Noida and a convenient transit point for travellers. If you are visiting Delhi and planning on staying in Noida, this is a great spot, as it has the advantages of being close to Delhi, being well connected, located in a good neighborhood and also boasting of one of the top tourist attractions in the suburb.

The Botanical Garden in Noida is small but well worth the visit. What the garden lacks in size, it makes up in the huge collection of plant and animal life in a bio-rich environment. Visitors are enthralled by an amazing collection of rare species that rival some of the best collections in Asia while the park has a soothing and serene environment that is a pleasure to spend time in.

Botanical Garden

Right next to the Garden is the Sector 38 Metro Station that can help you travel all over Delhi with comfort and ease. This is a major advantage and a big help to anyone coming here to explore the city. With the advent of the wonderfully convenient Delhi Metro, one can stay in Noida and enjoy all the benefits of Delhi, NCR while saving big on taxi and fuel costs.

Noida Botanical Park

The Noida Botanical Park opened up in 2002 and famously houses a primitive plant called Psilotus Nudum that is considered to be a prized species among botanists. It means “Bare Naked” in Latin is said to have been descended from one of the first plants that blossomed on our planet over 400 million years ago. The Noida Botanical garden aims to protect and nurture such endangered species and provide a natural environment for them to thrive.

Even if you are not a botanist and not very interested in the different species of plant and animal life on display here, the garden is a great place to spend time, especially in the mornings. Here, you can see many people walking, exercising and jogging in and around the park while the sounds of birds serenade you. The Botanical Garden is one of the main reasons why this part of Noida is so popular with natives and tourists alike.

Hotel near Botanical Garden Metro Station

If you are interested in staying near the Noida Botanical Garden, one of the best hotels near Botanical Garden Metro Station that meets all the aforementioned criteria is the Nio by Tarika. This is a modern and stylish hotel that has great service and amazing Indian food. Checking in and checking out is a breeze and the rooms are very well designed and maintained. Besides the location, the best part about this hotel is their business like efficiency and helpful staff that is a huge help when you are away from home.

Nio by Tarika is located in Sector 1, considered to be the best part of Noida. From here, you can walk down to the Botanical Garden to spend some quality time amidst nature or to take a Metro to any other location of your choice for a great stay in the capital city.



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