Noida Hotel Packages That You Must Know Before Visiting

Noida is one of the best places to stay when visiting Delhi. Well-organized, spacious and close to South Delhi, it has attracted some of the biggest brands and companies in the world over the last decade. It has also seen the advent of luxurious housing complexes and a good public transport system that works well. However, there has not been a proportional growth in resorts and hotels in Noida.

To fill the vacuum, a number of small independent guesthouses and boutique hotels have sprung up in different parts of Noida. Some of them are good but many are very badly run and downright unsafe. While Noida is overall very safe and well policed, it is important to choose a reputed hotel for a smooth stay.

To make sure that you have a comfortable stay in Noida, you should choose a known hotel that is a part of a larger chain or group of hotels and also avail of an all-inclusive package so you don’t have to struggle for basic amenities during your visit. A Noida Hotel Package usually includes your stay, meals, transportation and even activities and excursions such as spa treatments, trips to nearby attractions and tickets to nearby events.

Besides generic package deals, many hotels offer specialized packages depending on your needs. These packages are designed to appeal to different types of guests based on the hotel’s facilities and experiences. Lets take a look at some of the packages that are commonly available:

Noida Hotel Package for Family

Families have very specific needs. They need special facilities for children and a wholly different set of needs for the adults. To cater to families, many hotels have specially designed deals that include special room décor, children’s activities and special meals. They also have services like babysitters and trips to nearby attractions that are suitable and interesting for kids.

A specially designed family package ensures that all these needs are met and children are well taken care of so their parents can have a relaxing stay. Instead of constantly being on edge and at the beck and call of children, parents can go about their business knowing that the hotel is always available for assistance.

Noida Hotel Package for Friends

Another big segment for hotels are groups of friends who travel together for a vacation, weekend getaway or event in the city. These groups can be as large as 20-40 people or as small as a group of 2-3 friends. For such groups, the hotel organizes fun activities, late night meals, alcoholic beverages, corking charges and a myriad of other comforts and amenities.

A group of friends staying at a hotel together may also need connected rooms and transportation. Most hotels are only too happy to provide customized packages depending on what the group needs. Since a large group means bulk bookings, hotels are also able to provide discounts and add-ons.

Noida Hotel Package for Couples

Couples are the last but perhaps most important segment of guests. They require privacy, quick service, fine-ding and suitable décor in rooms. Some hotels organize a special dinner in a novel location that includes a set menu of food and wine along with a romantic ambience. Sometimes, they include spa and salon treatments like couple massage and beauty treatments.

If you are staying at a hotel as a couple, a couple package makes perfect sense. It saves time and effort to hunt for different services and needless formalities that can spoil the mood and interrupt the experience. Once a package is booked, all they have to do is sit back and let the hotel give them a memorable and luxurious experience.

A good hotel in Noida

One good hotel in Noida, especially if you are looking for a good location is Nio by Tarika. This is a great luxury hotel located in sector 1, perhaps the best and most central location in Noida. From here, one an easily travel to different parts of Delhi and also visit a myriad of attractions and hotspots in Noida.

Nio by Tarika is a part of the Tarika Group of Hotels and has a reputation for great service, comfortable rooms and divine food. The property also features an in-house restaurant that serves delicious multi-cuisine dishes. If you do not feel like stepping out, Nio by Tarika has a comprehensive in-room dining menu that is a pleasure to peruse.

Nio also offers some great all-inclusive deals and packages in Noida for friends, family and couples. To know more, you can contact them directly and discuss your travel plans with their reservation team. With a little bit of foresight and planning, you are sure to have a fulfilling and rewarding trip to Delhi’s most comfortable and exciting suburb.

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