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Noida is a sprawling and popular suburb of Delhi and a great place to stay if you are visiting the National Capital Region (NCR) for any reason. Of all the suburbs of Delhi, Noida is the cleanest, best organized, most developed and also the safest. Sector 37 is one of the best and poshest parts of Noida and offers many advantages for visitors from out of town, making it the best place to stay for long or short trips.

best places to stay in Noida

If you are looking for a Hotel in Sector 37 Noida, you should check out the Nio by Tarika Hotel as it is one of the best reviewed hotels in the area. It is ideally located near the lush parks and upscale neighborhoods of Sector 37, considered to be one of the best places to live in Noida by the locals. This area has many beautiful houses and some of the best residential complexes in Noida, making it an ideal location for you to stay in.

About Sector 37

Sector 37 is one of the oldest and most distinguished areas in Noida. It was originally an army area but was divided into flats and pots that were allocated in the 1980s. Since then, people have built beautiful houses and apartments here amid natural greenery and an impressive location. Sector 37 is close to Sector 29, 30, 31, 36 and 39. It also has the Ambedkar Vihar village in the sector, which is an extension of the Chalera Village.

Sector 37 also has some interesting markets such as the Godawari, Damodar and the famous Lal Market that are visited by many people. Nearby, there are large Malls and Markets such as the Atta Market, Indira market and the Mall district, which houses the Great India Place Mal, the DLF Mall and the Galleria Mall.

The sector also has some of the best schools in Noida including Army Public School, Amar Public School, Chinmaya Mission School, Delhi Public School and Vishwabharti School. You can also find some of the best hospitals in and around Sector 37 such as the Apollo Hospital in Sector 26, Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar Hospital in Sector 30, Bharadwaj Hospital in Sector 29 and Kailash Hospital and Vinayak Hospitals in Sector 27.

But the main advantage of staying in Sector 37 is the quaint charm and relaxing vibes that it exudes. The roads here are wide, shaded by trees and dotted by small public parks that are a pleasure to enter and peruse. The people here are friendly and there are many neighborhood shops where the sense of community and civility is strong and pronounced.

Since most of the plots in this the sector were allocated to Army Families in 1985, the area is very well administered and maintained. Army families are known to participate in local RWA and other organizations that help in proper administration, ensuring that everything runs smoothly here. Experienced and trained security guards man the gates to maintain total safety at all times.

Best place to stay near Sector 37

If you are visiting Noida for a long or short stay, it is best to stay in the quiet, clean and centrally located residential area of Sector 37. This will allow you to have a peaceful and serene stay and also allow you to interact with the locals to get a feel for daily life in this upcoming suburb. While there are relatively fewer hotels here, there is one property that is perfect for tourists from out of town.

Hotel in Sector 37 Noida

This is the Nio by Tarika, a well designed and well equipped hotel here that has all the amenities that you would expect from a world-class property. The rooms are modern and maintained while the staff here is very helpful and makes even the most demanding and exacting traveller feel welcomed and cared for.

From the Nio by Tarika, you can simply walk to many places of interest and also enjoy the neighborhood, which is ideal for walks in he morning and evenings. Since connectivity is very good, you can explore all of Noida and NCR with ease during your trip and even invite personal and business guests to the hotel for a successful and memorable trip to the nation’s capital.









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