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Noida is a very popular destination for business and leisure. More and more people travel to Noida everyday from other parts of Delhi using the Noida Expressway and many new companies have set up shop there. However, if you travel to Noida, it becomes cumbersome to travel back home late at night only to return to Noida in the morning. It makes much more sense to stop there for the night and then go home after completing your work or leisure activity. This is hard for people as there are many hotels in Noida but it is not easy to book hotels in Noida.

best places to stay in Noida

Although Noida has many good hotels, a small number of unprofessionally run establishments have ruined the market for everyone and scared away visitors. Many visitors still think of Noida as a lesser-developed place with a law and order problem when in fact, Noida is one of the best-administered and safest parts of the National Capital Region. As a result of bad publicity, visitors are comfortable staying at name brand 5-star hotels in Noida but averse to staying at moderately priced business hotels.

One way to solve this problem is to book a hotel that is small but part of a larger brand or chain. This ensures that the property will be well maintained and the service will be of a certain minimum standard. Thus, is much better to stay at a small hotel that is owned by a recognizable brand than a large stand-alone property that you know nothing about.

Finding the Best Hotel Deals in Noida

There are many different ways that people go about looking for hotel deals in Noida. Most people ask their local host or partners for recommendations, which can be a very effective way of finding what you are looking for. Some people prefer to drive around until they see a hotel that they like. The best way, however, is to harness the power of the internet to shortlist potential candidates.

You can browse the internet to look for deals but how do you know if the property is reliable and if you will get what is advertised? As discussed, one way to avoid disappointment is to target known brands and hotel chains and then book directly with their central reservation team or their company website. Booking directly will also allow you to access their best rate and to avail of any deals or promotions that they may be running.

Advantages of Staying at Hotel Chains

When in doubt, staying with a hotel chain is hugely beneficial. While the price they offer can be a little on the higher side sometimes, it is worth staying there to ensure a smooth trip and to avoid any hassles that may effect your workday. Lets take a look at some of the specific advantages that they offer:

Reliability: While locally owned stand alone properties can fluctuate widely, a group of hotels has much more at stake and is deeply committed to avoiding any negative publicity that can hurt its overall brand. Thus, they are much more likely to treat their guests right and to stand behind them if things go wrong.

Professionalism: If you are a seasoned traveller, there are always a few things that you expect from every place you stay in. Unfortunately, with stand alone properties, the level of hospitality and the standard operating procedure can be so different that it can spoil your trip. Luckily, a group of hotels run by professionals always offers a touch of professionalism that is a necessity when travelling.

Standardization: On business trips and overnight stays due to work, most people just want the standard facilities and experiences that hotels offer. They don’t have tome to accommodate new ways of doing things or strange and innovative policies. To avoid unwelcome surprises, it is best to stay at a recognizable brand.

Safety: Choosing a hotel is a serous decision because the wrong choice can affect your personal safety and security. Bigger brands offer an industry standard way of doing things so that their guess are comfortable and safe, making it a safe bet. Thus, you should always keep safety in mind when looking for hotel deals in Noida.

A Good Hotel Chain in Noida

One good place to stay in Noida that is part of a national chain of hotels is called Nio by Tarika. This is a stylish and efficient business hotel that offers comfortable rooms and standard world-class amenities for a wonderful stay experience in Noida. It also offers contemporary rooms, great cuisine at its in-house restaurant and a great location.

Located in Sector 1, Nio by Tarika is almost on the border with Delhi and offers easy access to all the main tourist attractions and places of interest in both Delhi and Noida. It is also located next to the Sector 18 Market and the mall district of Noida that forms the commercial and social hub of the township. Staying at the Nio by Tarika ensures that you have ample opportunity to check out the evening entertainment and nightlife of this special place along with a smooth stay.

To make a booking, it is best to contact the hotel directly. They offer a 35% discount on direct bookings and have an expert reservations team that can assist you with all your queries. The Tarika Hotels website also offers the option to book online and still avail of all the discounts and package deals, with a low price guarantee.

best stay offer in noida

Location – Sector 1, Noida

Property– Nio By Tarika

Rooms– Standard Room,Twin Bedded Room, Premium Room, Suite Room

Offers– 35% Off on regular rates


-Free Wi-Fi 10% Discount on Food & Soft Beverages 

-Free Early Check in 3 Hrs prior to Arrival time 

-Subject to availability Free Late Check out after 3 Hrs to Departure time – Subject to availability

Call– 0120478 6666

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