Which is Better Shimla or Chail?

Shimla and Chail are both beautiful hill stations near each other. Many tourists visiting the hills this year may be wondering which is better Shimla or Chail and to help them decide, we have decided to make a comparison that highlights the pros and cons of both places.

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Chail near Shimla, possesses its own unique charm. While Shimla has seen extensive infrastructure development and tourism growth, Chail stands out as a serene haven. Unlike Shimla, where development has altered the landscape, Chail remains relatively untouched and maintains its pristine beauty. The Indian Army’s involvement in Chail has contributed to its development in a way that aligns with the region’s natural allure.

Choosing Chail over Shimla means immersing oneself in a wonderland that is not only clean and neat but also distinctly natural. The untouched beauty of Chail offers spectacular valley views comparable to Shimla, but with the added advantages of significantly less pollution and traffic. For those seeking a tranquil retreat amidst nature’s splendor, Chail emerges as the ideal destination.

Chail is better

This has left Chail relatively untouched and pristine. For tourists looking to visit a wonder wonderland that is clean, neat and natural, Chail is the better choice. It has views of the valley that are truly spectacular and roughly comparable to Shimla but with much less pollution and traffic.

Chail also has a natural sanctuary called the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a protected area for flora and fauna. The area has dense and green forests which still preserve the natural ecosystem and are a pleasure to see and explore.

The Chail to Shimla distance is only 47 Km and the two places share similar landscapes and flora. Even the elevation of both places is similar (around 2250 m) and both places have a similar climate.

Although Chail has a few tourist attractions and eateries, it is a much more peaceful place where visitors can relax and breathe fresh mountain air without inconveniences. Even the adventure activities in Chail are smoother and slower compared to the rush in Shimla.

Although Chail does not boast as many hotels and resorts as Shimla, it has one notable resort that is worth visiting. The best amongst Chail resorts is the Tarika Resort and Spa . It is a luxurious abode with interesting architecture, good service and a great location.



Most people are already familiar with Shimla. It is one of India’s most popular hill stations and has a well-established reputation. Shimla is often called the “queen of the hills” because of its natural beauty, British-era infrastructure and many established resorts and eateries.

What has fueled Shimla’s growth is its proximity to north Indian cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh and Jaipur. Shimla is only about 350 Km from Delhi, which can be covered in 8 hours. This proximity is why the British used Shimla as a summer capital.

Which is better Shimla or Chail

Over the years, however, Shimla has become congested and polluted. Although its infrastructure has increased and improved, it has not been able to keep up with the meteoric rise in tourists visiting Shimla and the increase in commercial activity.

Although tourism has been a boon for Shimla and its economy, it has not been managed well. The result is a deluge of pollution, unplanned construction and a rise in crime. Although it still retains the crown, Shimla has lost much of its past glory.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Where to visit, Shimla or Chail?

Ans. Overall, Chail is more peaceful, pristine and quieter than Shimla, which has the better infrastructure but is more crowded and polluted.

Q2. Is Chail before Shimla?

Ans. Yes, the road to Chail bifurcates near Kandaghat from the Chandigarh Shimla highway.

Q3. Is Chail higher than Shimla?

Ans. Yes, Chail is higher than Shimla but both places have a similar elevation, around 2250 m.

Q4. What are the best places to visit in Chail?

Ans. In Chail, one can visit Sadhupul Lake, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Kali ka Tibba Temple, Lover’s Hill etc.

Q5. How to visit Chail from Shimla?

Ans. One can take a narrow gauge train from Kalka or drive to Chail from Shimla which is about 50 Km and takes around 2 hours.

Q6. How far is it from Chail to Shimla?”

Ans. Chail is about 1.5 to 2 hours away from Shimla depending on where one is going.


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