Which is Better Chail or Mashobra?

During the intense heat of the summer, most people want to take off to a cosy hill station. But where should you go?  People have already visited the usual destinations and now want to visit new places. In this blog, we will lay out the best places to visit in Chail and the best places to visit in Mashobra. Then, we will compare the two to see if Chail is better or Mashobra.


About Chail

Chail is located in the Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh and has emerged as one of the best summer destinations in India. It was originally built by the Maharaja of Patiala as a small summer capital for his princely state but is now the hidden gem of the Himalayas frequented by seasoned travellers.

While Chail is much smaller than Shimla and most other resort towns in the area, it offers some breathtaking views, a serene ambience and many great places to visit. Here are some of the best places to visit in Chail:


  1. Chail Palace: This is an architecturally interesting monument built by the Maharaja Of Patiala. The building is made in an interesting style that is an amalgamation of European and Indian motifs and houses an impressive collection of antiques and artefacts.


  1. Chail Cricket Ground: Considered to be the highest cricket ground in the world, this is a charming field overlooking the forested valleys below and snow-capped mountains in the background.


  1. Kali Ka Tibba Temple: An ancient temple on the top of a hill, Kali Ka Tibba is a well-built and well-maintained temple with a plunge pool for devotees. It also affords majestic views of the surrounding areas.


  1. Sadhupul Village: This is a quaint and historical village around a bridge over the mountain river that runs near Chail called “Ashwini.” Here, people can shop for knick-knacks and enjoy local street food.


  1. Chail Bazaar: While the local shopping area of Chail is not as big as some of the Mall Roads in other hill stations, the bazaar offers many interesting locally made handicrafts and novelty items that are ideal souvenirs.


About Mashobra

Mashobra is also located in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh and has an elevation of 7300 feet, which is less than the elevation of Chail. Mashobra was also developed by the British but as a retreat town and not a summer capital like Shimla and Chail.

Mashobra has several important and beautiful residences and some interesting tourist spots. It is also chock-full of natural beauty and charming colonial undertones. Some of the best places to visit in Mashobra include the following:


  1. Reserve Forest Sanctuary: This is a protected forest area located around 4 Km from Mashobra. It is covered with Oak, Cedar and Pine trees. The reserve also has several interesting species of wildlife including Jackals, Eagles, Partridges and even Leopards.


  1. Wildflower Hall Hotel: This spectacular building was once the residence of Lord Kitchener. It was built on a strategic spot and created with every luxury and amenity imaginable. Unfortunately, the building burned down but was remade by Oberoi Hotels in the same design and spirit.


  1. Jakhu Temple: This is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The temple is located at the top of a hill and is not easy to reach. Visitors have to walk through a forested area to reach this temple. There is a massive statue of Lord Hanuman and visitors can get great views of the surrounding areas.


  1. Retreat Building: This is a historic residence originally built by the British in 1850 as a retreat for high officials but is now the official retreat residence of the President of India. The President visits this retreat at least once a year and it is maintained and protected by the government.


  1. Carignano: This is the historic residence of famous Italian photographer Chevalier Federico Peliti. Besides being a beautiful villa-style building, it is surrounded by lush greenery where people like to picnic and socialize.


Which is better

Although both Chail and Mashobra have their advantages, overall Chail is better. While Mashobra is also quiet, it is perhaps too small for an overnight stay, let alone a vacation lasting several days. This is because Mashobra was designed as a retreat while both Shimla and Chail were designed as major summer destinations and full-blown stand-alone townships.


Where to stay?

Of all the hotels in Chail, the best place to stay there is the Tarika Resort and Spa. This is a beautiful property strategically located to provide easy access to many of Chail’s best tourist spots and overlook the lush green valleys beneath.

Tarika’s unique architecture, warm hospitality and exceptional service make it the perfect place to stay when visiting Chail. Over the years, it has proved itself to be a consistently superb experience for guests and will doubtless enhance your trip to this scenic hill station.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1 What is special about Chail?

Ans. Chail is a quaint and peaceful hill station, which affords visitors beautiful views, serene surroundings and wonderful wildlife. It also has a number of interesting tourist destinations and adventure sports that make it popular with insiders.

Q2 Is Chail worth visiting?

Ans. Yes. Chail is definitely worth visiting as it has a lot to offer in the way of temples, natural beauty, wildlife, historical monuments and interesting adventure sports.

Q3 Is Chail better than Mashobra?

Ans. While both Chail and Mashobra are good destinations, Chail is better because it is peaceful and yet has the basic infrastructure and facilities required for a comfortable long stay.

Q4 What are places to visit in Chail?

Ans. The most important places to visit in Chail are Chail Palace, Chail Cricket Ground, Kali Ka Tibba Temple, Sadhupul Village ad Chail Bazaar.

Q5 Where I can stay in Chail?

Ans. The best place to stay in Chail is the Tarika Resort and Spa. This is a beautiful property strategically located to provide easy access to many of Chail’s best tourist spots and overlook the lush green valleys beneath.

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