Hotels in Sector 44 Noida

Noida is one of the best suburbs of Delhi and a great place to stay if you are visiting from out of town. This part of Delhi-NCR has come up very well in the last few years but some sectors in Noida are better than others. One sector that has good facilities and a good location is Sector 44. The area is known for its good roads, clean environment and abundance of facilities and services. It is also ideally located for a blissful stay in Noida.

If you are looking for Hotels in Sector 44 Noida or near it, there is one property that is worth mentioning. This is the Nio by Tarika Hotel that is geared towards Business travellers but is increasingly becoming popular with families and groups as well. This is because the hotel is one of the few name brand properties here and provides a great stay experience for guests along with all the facilities and services that guests may need.


About Sector 44 in Noida

Sector 44 has a number of important businesses and offices that are vital for residents including several famous real estate companies and hardware vendors. The area is centrally located and is adjacent to the famous Mall District of Noida that has such famous malls as the Great India Place Mall and DLF Mall. It is also close to other important sectors such as Sector 18, Sector 27, Sector 1 etc.

Sector 44 is only about 3 Kms from the Delhi-Noida-Delhi Expressway (DND) that is a vital artery in this region. The highway connects Noida to Delhi in a fast and easy manner and is the primary road that will take you to other parts of Delhi. Earlier, this highway was a Toll Road but now it is free for everyone. Although it may get crowded at times, this highway is usually fast moving and well administered.

Sector 44 also lies on the starting point of the Greater Noida Expressway. This is a massive 6-lane highway that takes you to the interiors of Noida and then to the interiors of Uttar Pradesh. The highway is very smooth and fast and the ideal way to travel in the region. The Greater Noida Expressway is also slated to be connected to the Taj Economic Zone, the International Airport and the Aviation Hub under construction along the Yamuna Expressway.

In Sector 44 you will find some of the biggest and most famous housing complexes in Noida. The Pearls Gateway Towers and Subhkamna Kartik Kunj Apartments are two important residential societies that are popular and in-demand places to stay. Gardenia Glory is another large apartment complex that is famous here and features an attached market called the Gardenia Glory Commercial Complex.

Guests staying in Sector 44 can enjoy the same peaceful and community driven environment that once made Delhi a desirable place to stay. With rolling lawns, many public parks, vibrant markets and easy connectivity, this Sector has seen a steady growth in property prices and livability ratings from experts and residents in the last 5 years. Although properties here are few and far between, one can stay at some of the hotels in the area to enjoy this locality.

About Nio by Tarika

While there are many Hotels in Noida, you should check the location of the property before booking. Noida covers a large area and some hotels are located in the outskirts or in undesirable locations. If you are coming to town to visit different destinations, you should pick a hotel that is well connected by road, bus, metro and public transport. Nio by Tarika checks off all these requirements.

The best part about Nio is that is amongst a few professionally run and nationally certified properties here that one can depend upon. The hotel operates by the generally accepted guidelines and SOPs that are standard in the industry as opposed to locally owned stand-alone properties that follow their own rules and regulations.

If you are visiting Delhi and looking for suitable Accommodations in Noida, you can’t go wrong with Nio by Tarika. If you have questions about the hotel, you can contact them directly or contact the central reservation team of Tarika Hotels that is always very helpful and knowledgeable. With a little bit of planning, you are sure to have a great stay in Noida which will be fun and productive at the same time.

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